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couple smiling togetherAfter more than a decade working in an industry where the customer never seemed to be the priority, my wife and I decided that we could and should “do it better”. We have a firm belief that the customer should have a voice and be heard. With customer service and satisfaction as our main goals, we set out to establish an actively licensed, bonded and insured Illinois roofing company, that could provide these services while maintaining the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. We never want a prospective client to take time off from work for an appointment only to feel left in the dark. Far too often we encounter homeowners who are frustrated by lost time and wages due to unreliable contractors. Your time is important to us too!

Have you ever worked for someone and felt you could “do it better?”

We are excited to say that our Illinois client base is growing. We believe this growth can be attributed to our ability to “do it better.” We have a healthy client referral program that allows us to meet and impress new clients on a regular basis. Hopefully our way of doing business will appeal to you, and we’ll be able to add you to our ever growing list of satisfied clients!

Always Improving

We look forward to listening to your concerns and providing the exceptional service you and your family deserve. We listen to all our clients’ feedback and then use it to improve how we serve you and future clients. It is our goal to be the best roofing company we can be, no matter where we take our services. We hope you will consider Industry Elite for your next residential repair service! Please contact us with any of your questions.

Corey Chattic (Founder)

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