Siding Is More Than Visual

Our siding contractors will inspect and assess the issues, and based on the extent of the damage, we will discuss siding repairs or replacement. Aesthetically pleasing and effective siding is essential and makes a lasting impression. Below is a description of popular materials our siding contractors prefer to use on a given project.

worker holding a wood

Materials We Work WIth

  • Vinyl Siding – Vinyl is a plastic that is popular house siding material, it is currently the most popular siding material in America. Siding contractors recommend this material to clients that are interested in a cost effective option that tends to have high durability. Vinyl comes in a tones of different colors and textures, most likely there will be design that stands out to you for a siding installation.
  • Wood Siding – Woods used on exteriors, such as cedar siding, are great if you’re looking for that rustic appeal on your home. They are typically require siding repair and maintenance in order to keep their fresh appearance, if you’re willing to take the time for upkeep than wood siding is an excellent option.
  • Metal Siding – Metal siding, much like vinyl has the benefit of durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. When applied right, metal siding has a great contemporary design that is sure to stand out! Be wary though, as metal siding can be loud during rain or hail.

Make sure your home is in good shape by having Industry Elite inspect your siding. We’ll assist you by alerting you of exactly what’s wrong, and correcting it with siding repair or replacement.

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