Fall Maintenance Feature Photo

There are many how-to guides available online for how to prepare your home for the fall months. This post is going to list some autumn maintenance tips to help you prepare your home this fall.

 Inspect and Maintain your Roof

It’s recommended that you inspect your roof twice a year. When inspecting your roof look for shingles that are partially lifted, peeling, or curling these are all signs that it’s time to replace your roof.1

Clean your Gutters Out

Gutters free of debris allows water to flow away from your house. Gutters that are clogged prevent this and sitting water contributes to roof leaks and rotting. Rather than deal with the costly repairs to replace your roof prevent this by cleaning out your gutters. Cleaning out your gutters is one of our autumn maintenance tips that is easy to follow.1

 Home Foundation Maintenance

Check your home’s foundation for any cracking. Cracks in your foundation lets in drafts but also unwelcome pests like rodents. To prevent unwanted house guests or drafts seal up cracks as soon as they are discovered.1

Hold off on pruning

In cold weather trees focus their energy on their roots because of this pruning in cold weather will leave your tree with open cuts. Open cuts can leave your trees open to mold growth and will weaken them. Hold on pruning until all the leaves have fallen.1

Seal Gaps Where Critters Could Enter

Mice need only a tiny gap to be able to sneak into your house and raid your pantry — and with colder weather coming, all of the little critters out there will be looking for warm places to make a home. Fill small holes and cover any larger gaps securely with heavy-duty hardware cloth to keep the wildlife outdoors.1

Interior Maintenance

Have your heating system checked by a licensed heating contractor. Heating systems will use fuel more efficiently, last longer and have fewer problems if properly serviced.

Get your woodstove and fireplace in working order. Gary Webster, Creative Director of Travis Industries, suggests that you examine your wood stove or fireplace insert door gasket for a tight seal. Also clean and inspect the glass door for cracks and have the chimney cleaned by a licensed chimney sweep.

Change the direction of your ceiling fan to create an upward draft that redistributes warm air from the ceiling.

Test and change the batteries in your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and keep extra household batteries on hand.

Check basement windows for drafts, loose frames or cracked panes.

Clean your humidifiers regularly during the heating season. Bacteria and spores can develop in a dirty water tank resulting in unclean moisture misting out into your room.2

Yard and Garden

Organize your garage. Clean and store summer garden tools.

Clear leaves from lawn, reseed patchy areas, and plant spring flowering bulbs. If deer are a problem, start deer-proofing by covering plants with netting and chicken wire.

Prepare your yard equipment for storage. This includes draining fuel from all gas-operated equipment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and chain saws.

Check to see that all of your snow equipment is up and running before the first flurry falls. Organize your snow clearing gear. When snow arrives you’ll want to have shovels, roof rakes and snow blowers where you can get to them.

Drain garden hoses and store them inside. Also shut off outdoor water valves in cold weather. Any water left in exterior pipes and faucets can freeze and expand breaking the pipes.

Inspect and fill bird feeders. Keep in mind that once you start feeding birds you should continue on a regular basis throughout the winter months.2


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