Property Damage Insurance

Hail, Wind or Storm Damage to Your Roof

Your roof is often the first line of defense for your home Yet, some of us seldom inspect the condition of the roof. There are factors such as wind, hail and storm damage that will affect the life of your roof. You may actually see visible signs of dents on your turtle vents, maybe on your gutters and/or air conditioning. This is usually a sign of hail damage. Hail, wind, and storm damage may leave obvious signs as evidence of that damage, and at other times it might NOT be quite as obvious.

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, it is composed of these three things:

  • Asphalt Mat
  • A Fiberglass Backing
  • Granules

The asphalt mat is the major part of your shingle, and the fiberglass backing is designed to make the shingle more durable and long-lasting. We all know the granules provide an aesthetic appearance to your roof, but they are more important than we might realize. When the granules are stripped from your shingles, they provide less than acceptable levels of external fire resistant capabilities to your home. Not to mention, losing granules exposes the asphalt mat to UV rays. Eventually, this exposure causes your shingles to break down and erode their water shedding capabilities. Then the roof will leak.

Avoid using your property damage insurance by making sure your roof is well maintained. At Industry Elite Services, we believe be proactive is the best way to keep a strong and secure roof. Therefore we have created two maintenance plans to make sure your roof is taken care of year round.  Get a quote for our personalized 9 point proactive maintenance plan. 

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