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Window insulation is an old-school but effective method to stay warm during the winter. Insulating your windows helps keep out the cold, and avoid expensive heating bills during these winter months.

Did you know a single pane of glass can lose nearly ten times as much heat as the same area of an insulated wall?1 Luckily insulating your windows can help you avoid this problem. These are some common ways you can insulate your windows:

Window Insulation Film

Window film creates a barrier between your home’s interior and your windows. Kits typically include plastic shrink wrap film that you apply to the indoor window frame using double-sided sticky tape. The film is then heated with a hair dryer to shrink it and remove wrinkles.2

 Cover your Windows with Bubble Wrap

Another way you can provide window insulation to keep out the cold is applying bubble wrap to your windows.

You can buy bubble wrap online or at a nearby store. Make sure you get a large enough piece that will fit over your window without having to piece it together. This will help keep it insulated.

Spray some water on your window and apply the bubble wrap bubble side down. Get some sticky tape and seal it all the way around the edges.

Be careful with the tape you choose as it may remove paint. Some gentle painters tape should help prevent this.3

 Weather Stripping

Also on old-school, but effective way to insulate your home. Place pieces of weather stripping around your windows and doors.4

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are a great way to get window insulation. If you don’t mind blocking out all the light, they can keep all cold drafts out. They are a bit pricier than other solutions.

Thermal curtains are made with a special lining that is designed to keep your heat in. They block out cold, light, and noise.

Thermal curtains do provide a more aesthetic appeal than window film, bubble wrap, or magnets. If you care more about appearance than functionality, thermal curtains are a great choice.5

Magnetic Insulation

If you want to occasionally open your windows in the winter to get some fresh air on warmer days, apply magnets. These magnets take the place of insulation tape and provide a removable solution.

You will have to paint magnetic paint around your window frame and trim so the magnets have a place to stick. Once you’ve painted, you can apply your window film and place the magnets all around to hold in place.6

Rope Caulk

Rope caulk is a moldable material that feels like putty. It’s formed in the shape of a rope.

You can separate chunks of the rope, and put them into any large spaces or gaps around your window. It doesn’t keep the glass pane insulated, so you may lose heat that way, but it keeps the edges insulated.

Rubber Sealant

Rubber sealant is another way you can insulate your windows. It’s similar to rope caulk in the sense you stick it in any gaps or spaces around your window frame.

These are long strips of rubber sealing that can be cut to your window dimensions. You place them around the edges to keep out drafts.7

Draft Snakes

Draft snakes are similar to rubber sealant and rope caulk but are made out of fabric. These are designed in a tube shape, so they can be placed where you may experience a draft.

A lot of people also use draft snakes on the bottom of doors to prevent cold air from entering. These are easy to make if you like DIY projects!

While these are great for insulating cracks, spaces, or gaps, they don’t provide insulation in the actual window pane.8

We hope you found these tips helpful and we hope they help you keep out the cold this winter.


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